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Lunch Specials

Chicken Noodle

    • 4.50

1. Personal Pizza: 10" Personal Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    • 8.25

Chicken breast tossed in hot sauce topped with mozzarella cheese & drizzled with bleu cheese

2. Panini: Chicken Vodka Panini

    • 8.95

Breaded chicken cutlet topped with creamy vodka sauce & fresh mozzarella grilled to perfection served with French fries.

3. Burger: California Cheese Burger

    • 9.00

Our delicious homemade beef burger topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise served with a side of French fries.

4. Salad: Trio Salad

    • 8.95

Our homemade tuna salad, egg salad & chicken salad served over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes.

5. Sub: Grilled Pastrami Sub

    • 8.50

Grilled pastrami topped with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, Russian & pickles on seeded semolina bread

6. Dieter's Delight: Santa Fe Chicken Platter

    • 9.75

Tender grilled chicken topped with beans, corn, chick peas, cherry tomatoes & drizzled in hot sauce served with steamed broccoli.


    • 4.50

7. Phillippo's Choice: Chicken Gyro

    • 8.95

Tender chicken with lettuce, tomato, red onions & homemade tzatziki sauce served with cucumber tomato salad.

8. Meal of the Day: Lunch Sized Phillippo's Pasta Primavera

    • 8.95

Rigatoni pasta with mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, spinach & broccoli sauteĢed in garlic & oil served with garlic bread.

Pasta Fagioli

    • 4.50

Minestrone Soup

    • 4.50

Italian Wedding

    • 4.50

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